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Wheel/Stud Bolt Pattern Gauge Inch and Metric Works With

4-Lug (4.25" to 5.5" & 98mm to 140mm)

5-Lug (4.5" to 5.5" & 100mm to 150mm)

6-Lug (4.5" to 5.5" & 114mm to 140mm)

8-Lug (6.5" & 170mm)


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Moto G Fast and Moto E

Moto G Fast and Moto E

For years, Motorola Phones have been loved and trusted by the masses for their excellent features and great looks. Their variety is impressive, their ability to serve many different needs is what makes them so popular and well known. However, many people don’t realize that all of these phones are not the same and all Motorola Phones are not created equal.

A good cell phone should be durable, simple, fast, lightweight, of high quality display and sound, and always come with free after sales service. Below are a few things to look for when you’re shopping for a new or used cell phone.

The first thing you want to pay attention to is the size of the phone.

Moto G Fast and Moto E

Many of the latest phones are very large and bulky. They have huge buttons and often have their own menu system, which can be confusing to a novice. This means that if you’re a beginner, it’s best to stick with a smaller phone and learn the basics on your own time.

You also want to consider battery life. Since the majority of cell phones today can not be charged using a charger, you need to make sure you can make it through the entire day without having to charge it up. Many of the new and popular phones offer one hour of talk time as well as five hours of standby time, giving you ample time to talk and use other apps while the phone is getting recharged.

The second thing you need to consider is the fact that the cell phone that you’re looking at will fit your pocket, purse or handbag. If it doesn’t, then there’s a better product out there! Just because a phone looks perfect in one way, doesn’t mean it’ll fit in another way.

The next thing you want to think about is how many buttons and features the phone has. Today, cell phones come with features such as FM radio, GPS navigation, email/ text messaging, WIFI, Bluetooth, Bluetooth headphones, USB ports, and many more. Many of these features can be turned off, but to some people they’re all essential.

Finally, you want to make sure the phone has high quality features and good battery life. There are a lot of high-end phones that have a bad battery life, or a cell phone that is too big for your pocket. This is why it’s important to compare phones from a variety of brands.

It’s easy to get a lot of information from the Internet when it comes to cell phones. However, it’s important to know what to look for before buying a phone. Learning the basics is the first step to owning a good cell phone.

Tips to Choose Wheel Bolt Patterns for Your Vehicle


Choosing the right wheels for your vehicles also requires the knowledge of bolt patterns. Wheel bolt combinations influence the design and layout aspects of any wheels bolt pattern which can be used in multiple models. The smaller cars usually have three bolt type pattern while the bigger vehicles like trucks can have up to eight bolt patterns. The bolt arrangement on the wheels makes a huge impact on the cars that are available in the market.

What is the bolt pattern?

The bolt pattern is the arrangement of evenly spaces areas around the wheel where the bolts are attached to fix the tyres to the car. The evenly spaced studs or bolts are calculated by pitch circle diameter. It specifies the location of the bolts based on the diameter of the wheel. It can be measured in millimetres or inches. Many manufacturers find innovative ways of creating bolt patterns which can change the shape of the rim, but this varies according to the car types.

bolt pattern

The rim offsets usually have three-wheel patterns – the Zero, Positive and Negative offsets. Zero offsets is when equal distance in made between the back and front areas of the wheel nub. The positive and negative offsets are when there is deeper backspacing with the brake side close to the centreline of the rim. The positive offset also translates into shallow backspacing inside the wheel. The bolt circle pattern can provide an accurate diameter measurement for any particular car wheel. The bolts and lugs come in different varieties depending on the type of vehicle. The 4, 6, or 8 wheel rim patterns are the most common bolt patterns.

How to find out if the wheel design is right?

There is one method to find out whether the wheel design has been selected. For this, you will require a wheel pattern measuring gauge which can be available with a mechanic or you can purchase your own. With this tool, you can measure wheel patterns of any car correctly. The most common plastic guides that you can find are the four lugs mixed metric and five lug metric. It is easy to afford and can solve your problems of finding the right fitting wheel for your car based on its size and model.

The new ten lug mechanism

ten lug

Some of the manufacturers have introduced a ten lug mechanism that comes with elongated holes and can be used for multiple cars. It has a versatile and flexible design which can match the attributes of several cars wheels. First, you will need to fix the proper dimensions of the wheels, and then you can choose the designs that are available in the market. You can either purchase the standard wheels for your vehicle or do some research until you find some eye-catching designs that can make your car stand out among the rest.

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The Truth About Wheel Spacers and Bolt Patterns

Wheel Spacers

When you plan on buying custom rims for your car wheels, you will come across the terms wheel spacers and bolt patterns. Different companies have their own bolt patterns which can make one custom rim useless for another type of bolt pattern. It is important that you learn about bolt patterns and wheel spacers before you start shopping for car rims. You should know about your car or trucks bolt pattern before you can order new car rims unless that are factory replacements. Buying custom rims can cost you a large sum of money. Therefore it is important that you learn about bolt pattern and do some research on the online stores to find the right rim for your car. The wrong bolt pattern will not fit your car or truck no matter what you try. Your only options remain to return the rims or sell them to someone else.

What is bolt patter?

Bolt pattern refers to the pattern of the actual bolts that are used to fix the wheels to your vehicles. They can be either lugs or wheel studs that mount the rim on the axle. They make equally spaced holes on the rim where the bolts will go. Today the car wheels have three to four bolts and the bigger vehicles can have six to eight. Some of the companies have also introduced ten bolts in their vehicles. But usually, even the trucks have only six bolts.
The bolt pattern is designed by measuring the distance between the bolts. Just because two vehicles have sex bolts does not mean that their wheel can fit into each other. Even the smallest millimetre differences can make the rims unfit your vehicle. The manufacturers create unique bolt patterns for their vehicles as they do not want their customers to be using some other company’s rims. But today it is easy to find custom rims if you know accurate bolt pattern values for your vehicle.

What are the wheel spacers?


Wheel spacers pretty much explain their purpose in their name. They create space between the suspension and your wheel. If the wheel is too big to fit in the wheel space, it can hit the body of the vehicle and cause damage. It is another factor that you must always consider while purchasing custom wheels. The wheel spacers fit on the wheel hub, and then the wheels are bolted to the vehicle.Wheel space can add up to ¼ inch of space to push your rims out a little bit. It can provide a slightly different and sporty look to your car. You must also know that when you put a spacer on your wheels before you bolt the lug nuts may not fit on the stud as much as they did before. This can make your wheels lose some strength as the lug nuts are now grabbing a lot fewer threads on the bolt. You can get a special lug nut along with wheel spacers to prevent any disasters caused by misfits.

How to Measure Bolt Pattern and Backspacing

Bolt Pattern

The need for knowledge of wheel bolt pattern and backspacing arises when you plan on customizing your vehicle with expensive aftermarket wheels. If you lack the knowledge about bolt pattern and backspacing, you will most likely end up buying wrong measurement wheels for your vehicles. You will either have to return the wheels or sell them away. To prevent the issues of buying a wrong custom rim for your vehicle, you will need to learn about bolt pattern and to backspace while also learning to measure them yourself.

Bolt Pattern

Bolt Pattern

Bolt pattern is described as the diameter of an imaginary circle that is formed by the wheel lugs that hold the studs. It is an evenly spaced area around the wheels which the bolts are attached to fix the tyres. The usual bolt patterns can be four, five, six, and eight lugs. If a bolt circle is 4×100, it means that the lug pattern is four bolts in a circle of 100mm. Measuring bolt patterns is important for every vehicle owner who is planning to get a new design, size, and finishes of the wheels for their car or truck. Purchasing a new set of wheels to add value to the looks of the vehicle and may also improve the performance. Buying a customer wheel without measuring bolt patters can make them completely useless. This guide will explain the process of measuring the bolt pattern.
Jack up your vehicle and place jack stands carefully under it. You will need to make sure of your safety through the entire process.

set of wheels

Next step is to remove the wheels with the lug-nut wrench. Some also use ratchet and socket for this job. Place the bolts somewhere safe where you will not lose them. Clean the rims with a dry piece of cloth for any dirt.
Next step, you will measure from the centre of one lug to the centre of the lug that is direct across from it. This will only work when you have four, six, or eight-lug hubs. Measure the distance using the metric side of a ruler. The measurement can also be done in inches, but millimetres provide the most accurate reading to find the perfect fit. Even a millimetre difference will make your custom rim completely useless. For example, if you have four lugs and the distance between the two lug centres is 100mm, then the bolt pattern will be 4×100. If you have a five-lug hub, you will need to measure the centre of one lug to the centre of the third lug. The bolt pattern will be 5x(the distance between the lugs). The last step is the put the wheel back on the car until you can purchase a new custom one to replace it.

five-lug hub


Backspacing of a wheel is the distance between the mounting pad and the back of the rim flange. To measure backspacing, you will need to take the wheel off the car and lay it flat on the floor. The brake side should face up. Use a straightedge across the wheel and measure down the mounting pad. You may even have to deflate your tyre to get an accurate reading. This distance will be your backspacing.

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