Tips to Choose Wheel Bolt Patterns for Your Vehicle

Choosing the right wheels for your vehicles also requires the knowledge of bolt patterns. Wheel bolt combinations influence the design and layout aspects of any wheels bolt pattern which can be used in multiple models. The smaller cars usually have three bolt type pattern while the bigger vehicles like trucks can have up to eight bolt patterns. The bolt arrangement on the wheels makes a huge impact on the cars that are available in the market.

What is the bolt pattern?

The bolt pattern is the arrangement of evenly spaces areas around the wheel where the bolts are attached to fix the tyres to the car. The evenly spaced studs or bolts are calculated by pitch circle diameter. It specifies the location of the bolts based on the diameter of the wheel. It can be measured in millimetres or inches. Many manufacturers find innovative ways of creating bolt patterns which can change the shape of the rim, but this varies according to the car types.

bolt pattern

The rim offsets usually have three-wheel patterns – the Zero, Positive and Negative offsets. Zero offsets is when equal distance in made between the back and front areas of the wheel nub. The positive and negative offsets are when there is deeper backspacing with the brake side close to the centreline of the rim. The positive offset also translates into shallow backspacing inside the wheel. The bolt circle pattern can provide an accurate diameter measurement for any particular car wheel. The bolts and lugs come in different varieties depending on the type of vehicle. The 4, 6, or 8 wheel rim patterns are the most common bolt patterns.

How to find out if the wheel design is right?

There is one method to find out whether the wheel design has been selected. For this, you will require a wheel pattern measuring gauge which can be available with a mechanic or you can purchase your own. With this tool, you can measure wheel patterns of any car correctly. The most common plastic guides that you can find are the four lugs mixed metric and five lug metric. It is easy to afford and can solve your problems of finding the right fitting wheel for your car based on its size and model.

The new ten lug mechanism

ten lug

Some of the manufacturers have introduced a ten lug mechanism that comes with elongated holes and can be used for multiple cars. It has a versatile and flexible design which can match the attributes of several cars wheels. First, you will need to fix the proper dimensions of the wheels, and then you can choose the designs that are available in the market. You can either purchase the standard wheels for your vehicle or do some research until you find some eye-catching designs that can make your car stand out among the rest.

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